“Paint Your Heart and Soul 2020”

I'm really excited to share with you that I'm going to be one of the instructors participating in an amazing year long art course called "Paint Your Heart and Soul 2020."


This is an online art class with 65 downloadable video lessons and PDF documents from 37 amazing artists, including me! You will learn how to create beautiful artwork – faces, figures, pets, flowers and landscapes – each taught in a unique style by the individual instructor.

My subject is how to paint a hydrangea, including color choices, supplies used, and techniques. I, along with the other 36 instructors, am looking forward to sharing our unique creative process, our knowledge, tips, and tricks with our students. There will also be a closed Facebook group where students are encouraged to share their progress, receive support, and meet likeminded friends.

Examples of past hydrangea paintings by Jean Rupprecht

Examples of hydrangea paintings by Jean Rupprecht


This course starts in January 2020, but the early bird registration is now open. Use the link below to sign up:

If you register by December 25th, you can purchase the course at a discounted price of $99, a savings of $70 off the regular price of $169.